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Friday, January 2, 2009

Google Tips and Tricks

Google has become one of the main ways that people get their information. Indeed the words to ‘google something’ has become synonymous with ‘looking up information about something’

There are a few Google tricks that come in handy. If you need to use a calculator, you can put your question into the search bar and it will display the answer. You can use a formula as easy as 5+7 and it will display the answer. You can also ask what is 3% of 7.15 and you will get the answer.

Google also has a conversion feature. If you want to convert from US to European money. You can type in “1 US dollar in Euros” and the answer is displayed. You can also convert centimeters to inches, kilograms to pounds and so on.

Google also has a translation feature translate.google.com. You can see a webpage in a different language or you can use it as a multi-language translator

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  1. In addition to Google, we can also use GoodSearch and help support the Coffeyville library. GoodSearch is run by Yahoo!