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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We have something great coming for you! We will be upgrading to a new computer library catalog and circulation system next week called SEK-n-Find.

In 2006 we joined with other libraries in Southeastern Kansas in a consortium to purchase a library computer system that would enable us to share resources with these libraries, receive updates to the system, and to keep the costs down. We have been working hard with these libraries to provide a system that will be people friendly and easy to use.

With the SEK-n-Find you will be able to search the catalog from the library or from home to see what book, DVD, audio book etc .you would like to check out. You can also place holds, review your account and renew items at your convenience. The system will send automated overdue notices by email when possible. You will also be able to see if the Independence, Chanute or Iola libraries have what you are looking for.

The new system will also allow you to tag or make very short descriptive comments about the library material. You may say that the book you read is a romantic comedy and use that description as a tag. Then when you want to find other books that are like it, you can go to the tags and find other romantic comedies. You will also be able to make comments about the material that you use.

We will be closed on November 4th to install the system. At that time we will be making sure that most the bugs are out of it and all will go smoothly for the rest of the week. On Nov. 3 we will be open, but we will not be able to check any items out, as the records will be migrating to the new system. However on the 3rd you can still read magazines and/or books at the library and you can use the computers.

With the coming of the new system we will have new library cards. You can come in anytime after Nov 4th to exchange your old card for a new one. You may also buy a keychain card for $1.00 when you get your free library card. If you don’t have a library card this would be a perfect time to get one! You will need to have your library card with you to check out materials.
As a thank you for your patience as we make the transition to the new computer system we will have Fine Free Week from Nov 3-7. So if you have any books that you have been thinking you should return to the library this would be a great time to do so.

SEK-n-Find will provide you with new opportunities to discover new library materials quickly and easily.

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