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Friday, May 22, 2009

Value of Summer Reading

Summer is a lot of fun at the library. Children are coming in for storytimes, crafts, music, magic and more. They are participating in the Summer Reading program and getting bags, prizes and goodies just for reading. We have programs and activities for young people from birth through high school.

Why do we go to so much trouble and effort to keep the young people reading in the summer? Studies have shown that children who read four or five books during the summer can prevent the reading achievement losses that normally occur over those months. In a study in the Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk in 2004, researcher Jimmy S. Kim found that regardless of race, socioeconomic level, or previous achievement children who read more books fared better on reading-comprehension tests in the fall than their peers who had read one or no books over the summer.

This summer slump has been recognized by educators for a long time. In order to encourage their students to participate in the library summer reading program, the principals of Coffeyville Community Elementary and the South Coffeyville Elementary school will have a special surprise for their students who bring their completed Summer Reading Certificates to school in August. Also the library will give a certificate to the school that has the largest percentage of children participating in the reading part of the summer activities.

Entering the summer reading program is easy. Come to the library, pick up a bag and fill out a registration form. You can do this anytime the library is open. As the children read during summer, they will receive a ticket for attendance at programs, number of books read or time spent reading, reading the special Bookshelf books and completing the program. At the final session, July 30th, these tickets can be redeemed for prizes. If you cannot come to the final session, you can redeem the tickets at the library from July 30 through August 15. You will get your Summer Reading Certificate when you get your prizes.

Reading with your child/grandchild/special friend during the summer is one of the best things you can do to help his/her school achievement and success in life. Participating in the summer reading program at the library can make it fun.


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