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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bloggers Help Raise Money for Injured Child.

A group of people who regularly contribute to the Topeka Capitol Journal blog have raised over $1000 to give to the mother of a child who was severely injured. Money could be directly given to one of the bloggers who set up the fund raising and it could be sent through the PayPal account of another of the organizers.

At the CJonline website each story has a blog (or web log) following it that allows people to make comments on the story. The blog on the story about the burned little boy begins with some people just talking about the incident. Then one of the bloggers asked if anyone would be interested in contributing to a collection that she was taking for the mother and little boy. Another asked if anyone had a PayPal account and he would be glad to donate. Soon a person with an account set it up for people to donate through it.

To find out more about the story go to http://cjonline.com/news/local/2009-04-16/fund_for_babys_mom_growing_fast

It is nice to know that even as people change the methods they use to communicate (online social networking instead of talking over the back fence) that the willingness to help people in need is still there.

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